7 Best Cryptocurrency Stocks to Buy7 Best Cryptocurrency Stocks to Buy

7 best cryptocurrency stocks to buy

in the continent of North America. The growth of the company depends upon its investments in crypto miners.

  • Nvidia Corp. 

Nvidia Corp is a good choice for people looking for a crypto stock for the long term. Nvidia can be considered as a GPU, manufacturer, graphics processing unit, developer of chips, etc.

As the popularity of cryptocurrency is expanding and more investors are getting attracted to it, the rise and fall of crypto values are of great importance. When compared to stocks, cryptocurrencies are highly volatile. However, it is not a negative thing. Significant fluctuations in the price of cryptocurrencies have become a notable feature in this industry. The volatile nature of cryptocurrency can be risky for some investors. However, it does not stop them from investing in these digital assets. There are various ways by which you can earn profits by investing directly in a crypto token or coin. You can buy stocks that directly invest in cryptocurrencies and offer support to transform blockchain into an effective technology. It will also allow you to take part in the crypto market indirectly. Here are some of the popular crypto stocks you can choose.

  • MicroStrategy Inc. 

MicroStrategy Inc. is a firm that focuses on data analytics. They are currently sharing out a lot to Bitcoin and several investors are considering them to be representative of bitcoins. It is known to be the first publicly-traded company that invested significant revenues in bitcoin. The company finds bitcoin as an asset where they can store their revenue, whose value will rise over time. They have even conducted an event to discuss the advantages of bitcoin in corporate operations.

  • Tesla Inc. (TSLA)

The popular electric vehicle company Tesla is known to be one of the popular advocates of bitcoin. They strongly believe in the potential of digital assets and have invested a lot of capital in them. It is believed that the value of the bitcoin assets of Tesla is around $1 billion. They also accept Dogecoin as some of the merchandise payments on their website. But they cannot be used to purchase TESLA vehicles. 

  • Coinbase Global Inc. 

Coinbase Global Inc. is one of the famous cryptocurrency exchanges that allow users to buy, sell or store cryptocurrencies. They aim at boosting participation in various aspects of the crypto economy. They have a wide range of customers like investors, businesses, institutions, etc. Its user base expands to 89 million in more than 100 countries. They aim to improve their digital products and they invest in various crypto projects.

  • Block Inc. 

Block Inc. has a series of businesses, which they refer to as building blocks. Its mission is to promote economic empowerment for all users. Square is one of its building blocks that accept secure and quick payments using the Cash App. It is a mobile payment service helping users in transferring money. The executives of Block are focused on developing the ecosystem of cryptocurrencies. 

  • PayPal Holdings Inc.

PayPal is considered to be one of the best online payment systems globally. They also offer different ways for the users to get paid. The company is highly into cryptocurrencies and PayPal Coin is the stablecoin of the company.

  • Marathon Digital Holdings Inc.

Marathon Digital Holdings Inc. is focused on building a big Bitcoin mining operation